D’ICI-DE LÀ , Promenade du Casino Lac-Leamy gallery
Vernissage: May 11, 6 to 8 p.m.

The D’ICI-DE LÀ exhibition invites the viewer to ignore the single perspective given by the photographic lens in order to explore the relativity of the places represented in the photographs. Using diptychs, I challenge the succinct reality of photography's traditional approach in which captured images are presented individually, without framing or manipulation, and their meaning is without deflection.

Inspired by the visual narration of comic strips and cinematography, where a multitude of interpretations between two vignettes may exist, I use photographic diptychs to create points of tension not only in content and image composition, but also in their meaning. The diptychs, where spaces are juxtaposed and moments merge, invite the public to reconsider the facts as they are presented. Combining different photographs fosters reconsideration of the images and suggests other meanings than those produced by superficial examination, inviting the observer to make the scenes their own and develop their personal interpretation.