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« L’EAU », c’est nous. / “WATER” is us.

"WATER" is us. This exhibition summarizes in three stages my experience at the Sandbanks Provincial Park. It was the attraction of getting away from the everyday routine that brought me to the Sandbanks Park. Feeling the need to be near water and to linger where time and space merge, I visited the park three times. This exhibition illustrates my experience about these visits over a four year period. It also reinforces my growing conviction about the urgency of protecting our waterways. First time: the discovery of the majestic grandeur of this park on Lake Ontario. Second time: the movement of the tides that clean the banks. The purifying and soothing tides: the waters that send us back what we discard in them. Third time: a brutalized nature becoming more and more inaccessible and thus the imperative to protect it. A realization of how the irresponsible degradation of our waterways affects the quality of our lives. "WATER" is us. Thank you to Komi Seshie for his collabo…

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